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    About Glitter Enthusiast:

    In 2016, before there was Glitter Enthusiast there was just our Owner, Founder, and Artist Jamie Kushner Blicher alone with her art and seemingly too many IVF needles. One day, out of a desire to take back the control those needles had on her life, she grabbed a sterile one, pumped it full of ink, and forced all that emotion right onto the canvas. Sharing her art on social media started out as a welcome distraction from her otherwise all-encompassing infertility journey. As interest in her art grew, Jamie felt that it was time to bust out of the infertility closet and be transparent about the inspiration for her work. The support was overwhelming. Instantaneously, Jamie went from having a very heavy secret that only the closest around her knew about, always talked about with trepidation, to a large and incredibly encouraging community cheering on her every move.

    Today, Jamie is proud to report that she is a mother of two incredible twin boys. Seeing how opening up about her journey gave her a support system and how her art continues to serve as a form of welcome mat to starting the conversation, she could not stop. Today Glitter Enthusiast’s mission is to educate, support, and empower all women, but especially the 1 in 4 who are going through their own infertility journey. 

    A portion of every sale is donated to RESOLVE.  RESOLVE is a national non-profit organization providing free/low cost support and educational programs to meet the needs of women and men diagnosed with infertility. Order your favorite piece of art today, and know you're supporting a wonderful cause. 


    About Ashley:

    In 2020 Ashley Fisher joined Glitter Enthusiast as Chief Creative Officer—a gifted photographer and Photoshop junkie with a professional background in events and customer experience. Although she is a newly minted Glitter Enthusiast, Ashley has been standing behind Jamie all along encouraging her every step of the way. With the addition of Ashley, we now are able to make Jamie’s art available to more people through the introduction of Glitter Goods. Now there is even more beauty to be shared, as we hope to be able to expand the conversation now into how friends and family can be better support people.

    When they are not working on Glitter Enthusiast, both Jamie and Ashley are working mothers with full time jobs. Glitter Enthusiast is a 5-8 am and 8-12pm business. We are open when the rest of the world, especially our own kids, are asleep.



    More About Jamie:

    “I'm Jamie and my favorite color is Rainbow-Glitter-Unicorn-Mermaid. It's a Pantone color... I swear!” – Jamie Kushner Blicher

    Coincidentally this quote is also the perfect description for her art.

    As a self-taught artist, Jamie started creating mixed-media pieces in high school and continued to do so throughout her college years at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Today, Jamie’s main medium is ink on paper. She creates these magical abstract pieces by filling the same tool that brings many families hope and rainbow babies with ink (sterile IVF needles). Then releasing the ink over the paper in a way that builds up color and form through careful gesture and thoughtful placement. The way the ink moves across the paper you can easily imagine a mermaids tail swishing through the colorful pools of ink. 

    Since 2016, Jamie has been using her art to help bring calm and happiness to others who have gone through or are still going through their infertility journeys. As well as those who just want something fun and reflective of their styles in their homes through private commissions.

    In 2017, her work was exhibited in Washington, D.C. through The ART of Infertility, a non-profit group striving to break the silence around the experience of infertility through art and storytelling.

    Jamie also has made a number of prints available exclusively to lifestyle brand Oliver Gal. You can purchase these prints through various major retailers from Amazon to Neiman Marcus or directly through Oliver Gal.

    When Jamie is not painting, She works as a lifestyle buyer for gifts & glassware at a national wine, spirits, and gift chain. She is inspired by global design, specifically interior design, and is particularly drawn to the interior design movements coming out of Australia.

    Jamie lives with her husband, her twin boys, and their labradoodle named Gem in their very noisy house in Rockville, Maryland.

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