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    Meet The Artist

    “I'm Jamie and my favorite color is Rainbow-Glitter-Unicorn-Mermaid. It's a Pantone color... I swear!” – Jamie Kushner Blicher

    Since 2016, Jamie has been using her art to help bring calm and happiness to others who have gone through or are still going through their infertility journeys. As well as those who just want something fun and reflective of their styles in their homes through private commissions.

    Glitter Enthusiast

    Glitter Enthusiast is constantly striving to be Original, Empowering, Dazzling, and Kind. Everyday Jamie works to create one of a kind art pieces of art that dazzle and evoke happiness. Since it’s a little awkward to get around with framed paintings all the time, we are finding new ways to allow you to take your art with you through Glitter goods. All of our work is done in hopes of making it easier to have conversations surrounding infertility and to support research towards treatments and those among us have or are going through it.

    Glitter Enthusiast is currently made up of Jamie Kushner Blicher and Ashley Fisher. When they are not working on Glitter Enthusiast, they are both working mothers with full time jobs. Glitter Enthusiast is a 5-8 am and 8-12pm business. We are open when the rest of the world, especially our own kids, are asleep.